About CueStart.com

CueStart.com was launched in March 2008 to provide free personalized start pages to online surfers. Because we are not a large dot com company, CueStart provides users with feeds, tools, links and data from a variety of sources such as Google, Yahoo!, CNN and Reference.com without bias.

CueStart.com is an online service rather than a software application so, users can access their start pages anywhere in the world from any online computer. This makes CueStart perfect for travelers and for those who regularly use more than one computer.


CueStart started out life as a personal family homepage, with links, news feeds and radio stations suited to the family's needs.

In March 2008 CueStart.com was launched as a service for everyone to create their own start page, with the start page setup based on the original family version.

In March 2009 CueStart.com was re-written from scratch with updated channels and start page system. The primary difference between the new and original versions of CueStart is the ability for users to add, edit and delete channel content without having to leave their start page.

Our Motto

Our motto is to keep it simple. We don't burden you with fancy graphics or high-tech gizmos. We simply provide you with a fast, easy way to access the latest news and your favorite links.

We also strive to ensure that advertising (which keeps this service free) is not too intrusive. For example, we will never force you to sit through video ads prior to accessing your start page content.

About the Owners & Operators

CueStart.com is owned and operated by Walshaw Internet Services, which is a registered business based in Sydney, Australia.

You can get in touch with us using the contact form.

Family start page project
Screenshot of the original family start page

CueStart version 1 start page
Screenshot of the first CueStart.com start page

CueStart version 2 homepage
Screenshot of the initial CueStart.com homepage

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