Welcome to the CueStart Blog

This blog enables our users to keep up to date with the latest news and developments from CueStart. All new channels and features will be introduced here, along with various other updates.

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CueStart v2.0

CueStart is in the process of completing a dramatic overhaul of the website template and start page features. This upgrade may result in occasional errors for the next 48 hours or so.

This overhaul represents a complete re-build of the CueStart service, enabling better start page functionality and scalability.

Some of the major changes include:

CueStart upgrades

  • You can now add and edit content on your CueStart page without having to leave it. Simply click on the add and delete buttons and input menus will appear directly on the CueStart page.
  • You can change the display order by dragging and dropping the names of the channels around the page
  • You can temporarily hide a channel by clicking on the hide button.

Channel upgrades

  • The Foreign Exchange channel has had its data suppliers updated, providing updates every twenty minutes as opposed to once an hour.
  • The eBay channel now features an inbuilt ‘create a search’ feature that enables you to easily add new content.
  • The Weather channel now includes an inbuilt ‘add a location’ feature which provides a more convenient way to add your local area.

Foreign Exchange Channel

CueStart is pleased to announce the launch of the Foreign Exchange channel.

[Exchange Rate Channel Screen shot]
Screenshot of the new channel

The Foreign Exchange channel enables you to view the latest exchange rates for the major currencies, directly from your start page.

Our exchange rate data is sourced from TheMoneyConverter.com. We update our rates every twenty minutes, although the rates may or may not change based on updates provided by our source.

The Foreign Exchange channel contains three primary features. First, it provides a quick exchange rates table for four selected currencies. Second, it enables you to view a full exchange rate table for one selected currency. Third, it provides a currency calculator that enables you to convert an amount from once currency to another.

More Space!

CueStart is please to announce that effective immediately, all side panel advertisements have been removed from personal start pages. This has enabled us to widen all start page channels, allowing you to view more information at one time, resulting in less scrolling, especially on RSS feed channels.

An advertisement is now displayed within a channel box on the first row of the start page. Additional advertisements may also appear in the bottom row of your start page in blank channel spaces, as before.

CueStart TV Channel Now Available

The recently announced online TV Channel is now available on CueStart. The channel enables you to watch a range of local and international TV stations online for free. You can view the content in third party software or within pop-up windows on your web browser. A screen shot of a pop-up window is shown below.

Screen shot of a TV channel.

You can view the channels available by country and/or by category. For each TV station you can click on the TV icon to play the channel in third party software or you can click on the TV channel name to view additional options along with a description of the channel.

Screen shot of channel info display

The CueStart TV Channel comes preloaded with almost 100 TV stations. We will be adding new TV channels and search/filter features over time, so be sure to check back often. If you have any requests for TV channels that you know are available online, let us know!

Upcoming TV Channel

A number of channels will soon be released on CueStart. One of these will be a TV channel.

The TV channel will enable users to view a variety of TV stations from across the world online for free. Some of the channels will feature recorded programming, while many others will provide live television.

One of the other channels in development is a foreign exchange module. It will provide the latest exchange rates along with an exchange rate calculator.

If you have any requests for future channels, please let us know, as we would love to hear them!

Welcome to the CueStart Blog

This blog will enable our users to keep up to date with the latest news and developments from CueStart. All new channels and features will be introduced here, along with various other updates.

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