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The CueStart content submission form allows you to create links that enable your website visitors to quickly add your web/audio link or RSS feed to their start page.

This section outlines the instructions for adding your content to visitor start pages. As new developer features and opportunities arise, details will be provided here.

Please note that for a link or feed to be successfully added, the visitor must have a CueStart page. We recommend you sign up for a free CueStart page yourself to test your links and feeds.

What is CueStart?

CueStart is a free startup homepage page service. Visitors can create custom start pages that are designed to be displayed when they first open their browser. The start pages consist of channels that can contain feeds, links, radio stations, as well as online tools such as a calendar and dictionary.

View a tour of the CueStart services.

Sign up with us

The best way to test your work is to sign up for a free CueStart account. This will enable you to see how CueStart works as well as test your 'add content' links.

sign up for a free CueStart account.

CueStart Logos and Images

To avoid possible broken links, please save the desired images to your server and then reference them from there. You can save an image by right clicking on it and selecting 'Save Image/Picture As'.

16x16 63x11 77x17 91x17 104x17

Linking your RSS feed, Website URL, or Audio Feed URL to CueStart

You can create an 'add content' link using the URL below:

The link URL consists of the following:

Item Description Required? Applies to: The URL of our form that processes content additions. Yes Feed
type=f States the content type. It is not case sensitive. The options are:
F RSS Feed
L Web Link
A Audio (Radio Station) Link
Yes Feed
url=xxx Gives the URL of your link/feed.
Replace xxx with the URL.
Include http:// in the URL.
Yes Feed
title=yyy Gives the title of your link/feed.
Replace yyy with a title for your website / audio link / RSS feed.
No Feed
aurl=zzz Gives the URL of your website.
Replace zzz with your website address.
Include http:// in the URL.
Please note this only applies to audio links.
No Audio

The order in which you include the type, title, and URL in the link doesn't matter, provided you use the & character between each item.

Below is an example link to add a BBC News feed to a CueStart page. We highly recommend you save the logo image to your own server before using it.

Add to CueStart

<img src="" border="0" width="16" height="16" />
&nbsp;<a href="
&title=BBC Sport - Football" target="_blank">Add to CueStart</a>

The inputs in the example above are:

TITLE BBC Sport - Football

Sample inputs for a website link are:

TITLE CNN World Sport

Sample inputs for an audio link are:

TITLE Triple J

RSS Feed Formatting

For RSS feeds, we currently read the following item tags: title, link, description. Other tags like pubDate are ignored, but won't intefere with our RSS reader.

We also read the channel link tag, which should be a link to the area of your website that relates to the feed articles. This would be a link to your homepage if it is a site-wide RSS feed.

We read each news item contained in an item tag. Our RSS feed channels reads up to 30 items.

You can learn more about RSS feed formatting on Wikipedia and Google

Below is an example of a compatible RSS feed.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0">
<title>Title of the RSS feed</title>
<description>Description of your website</description>

<title>News item 1 title</title>
<description>Brief desription of the article goes here</description>

<title>News item 2 title</title>
<description>Brief desription of the article goes here</description>


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