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Getting Started - How to White List CueStart Emails

Some email clients may block emails sent from to your email address. This will prevent us from being able to make contact with you. To ensure this doesn't happen, we have compiled a list of steps to white list the address for various email clients.

AOL Mail:

Log into your AOL Email account and do the following

  1. Select "Address Book"
  2. Select "Add Contact"
  3. Then create a contact for LinkWorth with the primary email address of

MSN Hotmail:

Log into your your Hotmail Email account and do the following

  1. Select "Contacts"
  2. Then in the left-hand menu, select "Safe List"
  3. Then enter
  4. Select "Add"

Yahoo Mail:

Log into your your Yahoo Email account and do the following

  1. Select "Mail," and then select "Options"
  2. Select "Filters"
  3. Select "Add"
  4. Select in the text box in the top row ("From header") and then enter
  5. In the pull down menu for "Move the message to," choose "Inbox"
  6. Then select "Add Filter"
  7. Then Add the address to your address book

Other email programs:

Add to your address book or list of contacts.

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