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Below is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding CueStart.

Why does my new channel not appear on my start page?

After you have installed a new channel on your start page, refresh your start page in your browser to view it with the new channel. All browsers have a refresh or reload button near the top of the browser.

Does it matter which channel I add an RSS feed to?

When you add an RSS feed to a channel, it doesn't matter which feed channel you add it to. For example, you could transform the news channel into an eBay watch channel if you wanted to. Or you could use the entertainment feeds channel as a secondary news channel, and so on.

Why won't the games display when I click on them?

All games on CueStart open in a pop up window when you click on them. Modern browsers automatically block pop ups. Furthermore, many people have pop up blockers installed. To enable pop ups for CueStart, check out this guide (written for a different website). A downloadable PDF file with instructions can be found here.

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If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out the CueStart Tour. It provides you with an overview of all the services on offer.

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