Create Your CueStart Page

Creating your own customized start page only takes a few minutes. All you have to do is sign up for a CueStart account and then fill out the start page creation form.

Your start page will consists of various channels. These channels are displayed as boxes on your start page. Each channel has a specific purpose. Some are used to contain you favorite links. Others are used to display the latest news, while other channels, such as a calendar and address book, serve as online tools.

[Sample feed channel]

On the start page creation form, simply create a start page name and select the channels you would like to add to your start page. When you are using the creation form, you can click on the ? button to view a description of the corresponding channel.

[screenshot of creation form]
[Creation form screenshot]

Once you start page is created you can make changes to it at any time using the Start Page Manager. You can add and delete channels, as well as add, edit and delete content from selected channels.

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