CueStart Features

CueStart pages consist of channels, with each channel serving a specific purpose. The channel samples below provide an introduction to the services and features offered by CueStart.

Links Channels

Links channels enable you to store and access your favorite website links. You can organize your links by category to make storage and access easy. Unlike the bookmark features offered by browsers, you can access these links from any computer that has Internet access. This makes CueStart great for those who regularly access the Internet using more than one computer, or for those who are traveling.

RSS Feeds Channels

Feeds channels enable you to access the latest articles from news websites such as CNN and BBC. They can also be used to display articles from blog websites and to keep an eye on eBay auctions.

Audio / Radio Channels

Listening to your favorite radio stations online has never been easier with our audio channels. Most online radio stations can be played from within your browser directly on your start page.

Web Search Channels

CueStart offers a number of web search tools to make searching the Internet easy. These enable you search third party search engines (such as Google) and websites (such as Wikipedia) from one location.

Online Tools

CueStart has created a range of online tool channels to help you organize your daily life. These include a monthly calendar that enables you to store upcoming events, and an online address book to help you keep track of your contacts.

And Much More!

We have plenty of other channels on offer. These include a note keeper, dictionary & thesaurus, and online games.

Creating Your Own Start Page is Easy

All you have to do is select the channels you would like to install.

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