Manage Your CueStart Content

Once you start page is created you can make changes to it at any time. There are two primary ways to edit your start page content. The first method is to use the Start Page Manager in the account area. The second method is to use the [Add] [Edit] [Refresh] [Edit] [Delete] buttons on your start page. Below is an explanation of each

Using the Start Page Manager

The Start Page Manager can be accessed by logging into your account area. It enables you to add and delete channels from your start page, as well as manage the content within selected channels.

[Screenshot of the channels manager]

Using the Channel Options Buttons

All start page channels display an options panel at the top right hand side. The range of options displayed depends on the channel type.

[Sample channel with options panel]

The table below shows what each option button can do.

[Add] This button allows you to add more content such as links and RSS feeds to the channel.
[Edit] This button allows you to edit the channel. You can edit content, delete content, and change the default item/category to display.
[Refresh] This button is useful for RSS feed channels. It enables you to refresh the channel to check for new articles.
[Edit] This button directs you to a help page for the channel.
[Delete] This button enables you to delete the channel from your start page.

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